What you want to remember, faster – The survey results are in!

September 8, 2020

The survey results have been collated for the upcoming workshop in October.

I asked what you would most like to remember faster – with 0 meaning no interest and 10 as yes please.

The results surprised me.

How to remember for work is the clear winner for the October workshop with a whopping 93.3% of respondents ranking this choice highly.

So I am excited to plan this workshop for you –“How to remember faster for work”.

Click here for more information or to secure your spot.

But something else really surprised me.

Respondents were asked if there was anything else they wanted to remember –  the answers were quite varied and covered many topics, as I expected.

But I was surprised to see that one group of answers could be grouped together. Many respondents wanted to know how memory techniques can be used to remember some kind of movement.

Remember, that movement does not need only be limited to obvious movement, like exercises, dance and martial arts. It can also be applied to learning an instrument, sign language, origami or any other skill that requires some element of physical movement and memory – no matter how small the movement the technique is similar.

I have discussed this in my blog post Movement and memory. I personally use mnemonic techniques all the time to learn movement because it is highly effective.

After seeing these results and exploring different mnemonic courses online, I can see that the area of remembering movement is thin on the ground.  What a missing link! The skills that memory athletes use can be readily adapted to learn movement faster.

Having been a professional dancer and a memory champion, it is natural for me to combine memory and movement. It speeds up the learning process and also adds a deeper understanding of the movement. So I am now developing a mini course of how to remember movement. You would learn exactly how I combine my two areas of expertise, to help you to remember any type of new physical information faster.  I will keep you posted 😊.

Meanwhile, keep training – mentally and physically – explore more of my blogs below, or click here to deep dive into one of my courses.


For those of you interested in remembering names and faces, I cover this in my blog post here: Remembering names and faces.

Interested in learning more memory techniques? Improve your memory with my online Master Your Memory course. 

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