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Memory Training




TEDx 2019

I describe my memory journey and how we can all be empowered. Don’t miss the bonus memory demonstration with dance.

How I Remembered My Tedx Talk

Want to know how I quickly remembered my Tedx talk? By using the techniques I talk about of course! This quick video gives you an insight into what’s going on in my head while I give this Tedx.

Memory Training

How Much Memory Training Should I Do?

If you are ready to work on your memory, a bit of daily training might help. But how much do you need to do? Consistency in your training might be more important than the amount.

Memory Training – Basic Memory Palace Example

In this video, you will join in a part of one of my live weekly group memory training sessions. You will learn and practice placing items in a memory palace.

Memory palaces, mind palaces, or sometimes known as Method of Loci, whatever you may call them make memorising new information really easy. They are especially useful when you need to learn a list of information in order, or if the information you need to memorise is long or complex.


How to remember movement – memory techniques

You can use memory techniques to learn movement faster and more thoroughly. This video walks you through how you can remember and improve in any physical learning.

The technique can be applied to any type of movement that you need to learn. From large moves like exercises, dance, martial arts and tai chi, to smaller movements like playing an instrument, sign language or origami.

How to memorize faster for exams – image library


Memory techniques are great for remembering all sorts of information. Students often ask me how they can use these mnemonic skills for more complicated ongoing study material like formula, abstract information and general university style studies.

In this video we will cover one of the tips for making basic memory techniques adaptable to your area of study. This is by making yourself a library of images.

How to use a memory palace to memorize faster


In this video you will learn the basics of how to use a memory palace to remember more, memorize information faster and generally look like a genius. Sometimes called a mind palace or the method of loci, you can use this memory technique to remember thousands of numbers, lists of words, text, speeches and more.

How to remember the names of EVERYONE – memorization made easy.


Are you bad at remembering names? You don’t have to be, it is something you can easily change. In this video I am going to tell you a simple way that you can be that person who remembers the name of everyone they meet.

By the end of this video you will know the basic steps to take next time you are introduced to someone. We go through three simple and proven techniques that allow you to quickly remember the names of those you meet.

Memory Training – How to Remember Quotes


Do you need to remember quotes fast for exams? Maybe you enjoy to memorize them for motivation. What ever the reason, memorizing quotes is made easier using creative thinking and memory techniques.

This video is an excerpt from group memory training classes. You will learn how to go about memorizing a list of quotes. Two Albert Einstein quotes are used as examples.

#2 – Brain training exercises to keep your cognitive functioning sharp


You can help improve brain health by learning new physical skills. Brain training is real, the mind is malleable so work it out some!

In this video you will learn 5 brain training exercises that you can practice to help you with focus, attention, attention switching and the connection between the brain hemispheres.

5 brain training exercises – Improve your memory and keep your cognitive functioning sharp.


You can make physical changes in your brain by learning new skills, and exercise is a key area to improve brain health.

In this video you will learn 5 brain training exercises that you can practice to help you with focus, attention, attention switching and the connection between the brain hemispheres.

The FASTEST way to learn SAT vocabulary words in 2020


Pass your test and learn SAT Vocabulary words FASTER, this video will show you how with 3 easy steps. Learn exactly how to use the very memory techniques that mental athletes use to learn new words and their definitions, in record speed.

Remember terminology instantly – Taekwondo words

Do you want to remember new Taekwondo words or increase your vocabulary generally? Use these simple steps to pick up new words as you hear them.

In this video I walk you through how to remember new words, using Taekwondo vocabulary as an example. You will learn how to go about applying these technqiues to learn all your Taekwondo vocabulary.

Memorize 20 digits of Pi NOW – learn numbers quickly


By the end of this video you will know 20 digits of Pi and a quick cheat system to remember numbers easily.

Using memory techniques is the best mind hack to remember new information, including numbers, quickly. The technique is not the major system but instead a quick visual code I made that you can quickly and effectively use after minimal work. It uses images and movement to remember.

I memorized 1000 digits of Pi in 30 minutes


Here I recall 1000 digits of Pi. It took me 30 minutes to remember. I remembered these digits using memory techniques that I used to win the Australian Memory Championship.

Australia Pi Day – memorised 100 digits in less than 2 minutes


Watch Anastasia Woolmer Australian Memory Champion demonstrate Pi. For those who are trying to get the most out of life or ward off an ageing mind, eating homemade pie after a brain workout is a great answer. I enjoyed it so much I think next week I might go for 1000 digits.

TV Appearances

9 June 2021

Channel 10 Morning Show

Morning show with Sarah Harris and Tristan Macmanus


Australian Survivor – Q&A with Anastasia

Come and watch the Australian Survivor Facebook Live Q&A after my elimination where I answer all questions from ‘would I beat Nova Peris on Masterchef, to will you marry me?’.

Apr 2019

The House of Wellness

Health show discussing memory matters. Interview starts at 2mins 30 seconds.

29 Apr 2021

Channel 9 – Today Extra

David Campbell and Belinda Russell

ABC Radio Darwin

13 Sept 2021

The Feed – Miracle Memories


The Feed has caught up with two Australians living with extraordinary memory skills. They say although we live with information at our fingertips, having a good memory is as important as ever.