speaker and teacher on memory techniques

Would you like to improve your memory quickly in the area you most need?

Personal memory training is perfect for those who like to learn in a one on one environment and is a great way to get ahead and improve quickly.

You may wish to improve your memory generally or may have a specific learning objective for work, studies or a hobby.

To determine your needs and a training program to suit you email me at info@anastasiawoolmer.com to set up a free discovery meeting.

During this meeting we will discuss your memory goals and I will tailor a personalised program for you and price the package.

Personalised programs are more effectively priced than one-off sessions and provide ongoing training and support so you can become proficient in memory techniques.

However, if you do just want a ‘one-off’ session please use the booking form below.

1 on 1 online training

1 hr 30 min  |  $210

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