Neuroscience and memory

March 10, 2022

Neuroscience and Memory Athletes – Neuroscientists are discovering more about what happens when our brain revisits a memory. Their findings are right on target with what memory athletes do on purpose when memorising.

We ‘deposit new information into folders’ – by creating a visual event that represents the information we are trying to memorise. The more exciting/unusual/provoking the event or story we create, the easier it is to remember.

Don’t get confused with memory palaces here. There are several techniques that memory athletes often use in conjunction.

Memory palaces are certainly like a file to store information but they are like the ‘main file’ (and work by scaffolding on new information onto something we already know). The ‘folders’ discussed in the article are more like sub folders under the main file – with each location within the palace and the image/event created to remember that information.

Have a read here: Scientist Alert – Neuroscientists Find Two Types of Brain Cells That Help Us Make Memories

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