Memory Coaching

Group, executive and 1-on-1 memory coaching

Group memory coaching

Boost your team’s outcomes with the ultimate training and development – the ability to remember quickly.

Memory coaching allows your team to learn what they need faster, increasing confidence, productivity and performance.

Conducted in person or online and tailored to your individual requirements, timeframe and budget. Common topic requests include remembering names and faces, sales pitches, presentations, processes, numbers or specific material relevant to the group.

The scope is up to you – a once off session, in conference training, a day of training, or several sessions over a few weeks. Coaching can include access to supporting online material for your team. Individual logins are provided for participants to solidify their learning with relevant readings, videos, quizzes and homework.

To explore options for your team, schedule a discovery meeting with Anastasia  or enter an outline of your requirements here.

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1-on-1 tailored coaching

Tailored memory coaching is a premium service that is designed with your goals in mind. Choose this service for a personal ongoing memory improvement program or assistance in learning to memorize a specific memorization goal faster.

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For years I have had trouble remembering people’s names and have found this particularly embarrassing in the business environment I work in. After working with Anastasia I have not only turned the corner but now have a greater level of confidence in both my professional and personal life.


David Byrne; Australia

I was curious about how memory techniques could actually help so I signed up for some memory training with Anastasia Woolmer. After only a short period of time, I was creating images in my mind and with very little effort, I was able to remember an entire poem, word for word! I wholeheartedly recommend Anastasia to anyone who wants to improve their memory - and for those who are unsure or just a little bit curious - sign up now! It's really exciting to learn a new skill that is simple to apply and can literally improve your life!


Jodie Schubert; Australia

I'm a first year law student who is short on time and completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of new information required to learn. After a few lessons and learning the secret of how to unlock the storage capacity of my brain, law studies have taken on new dimension and meaning. I now look forward to memorizing complex legal theories and my friends and family are exhausted by my insistence on reciting law!


Geoffrey Thomas; USA

Thank you for an amazing session, all of our team loved it! Finishing the first session we all feel confident in knowing how to remember names and we're excited to practice the methods that you've taught us ahead of our second session. And not only did we learn, the session was a lot of fun too - you're a great trainer!


Michael Fox – CEO Fable Food Co

I decided to take personal training with Anastasia because I needed help with my Economics Exams and I am glad I did it. Anastasia has always been professional, empathetic, energetic and, above all, willing to understand my personal case so she can fully adapt to my needs. Overall I know that I made a good investment because, in contrast to rote learning, now that I have some tools, I can study in a much more efficient way which, surprisingly, allows me to save plenty of time. Bearing in mind that my acquired knowledge will be a handy tool available for a life time.


Luis E. ; Spain

I have nothing but praise for Anastasia's classes. She is able to inspire and challenge her students in a fun and interactive way. Although we covered a lot of material in the classes - and time passed so quickly - she was always able to respond to the needs of each individual student so that everyone made real progress. Nothing was too much trouble and further questions were always responded to in a prompt and thorough fashion. Whether you aspire to be the next champion or just want to learn the techniques to improve your life, you could do no better than to enlist Anastasia as your mentor and guide. Thoroughly recommended.


Darrell; Nottingham UK

Anastasia’s coaching sessions have been invaluable to me. She patiently listens to problems & concerns you have and thoroughly & succinctly answers them. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the hard work for it to pay off, but it enhances her course and helps in building your memory up by leaps and bounds. She is the perfect coach!


Linda Wertz; USA

The classes were amazing! After the first class I really felt as if I went to the gym for the brain. My brain felt alive and working. The methods were easy to learn and I was surprised to find out it is very easy and the most surprising, it was fun and exiting! Also it worked! I found myself remember things that I could not remember before unless going through it again and again in a very tedious way. My memory got so much better in a very short time and I keep on my training almost everyday just a few minutes.


Etty; Spain

Anastasia is exceptional, natural, practical and personal. I am really looking forward to using these practical and surprisingly simple techniques for my own goals of learning a foreign language and the wine appellations of the world.



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