Memory Improvement Cram School

November 11, 2022

Memory Improvement Cram School

I’m excited to announce I am considering adding Cram School to the list of services offered to students.

The Memory Improvement Cram School idea is in response to the number of enquiries I get around learning memory techniques and tailored one-on-one memory improvement programs.

I’ve learnt from experience that consistent training, mentoring, and support are the best way to improve your learning skills in the long run. For most students the ability to ask questions, get feedback on their learning, and have a tailored training program means a significant benefit compared with self-guided learning.

One-on-one training works because it is designed to meet the students’ needs and keeps you motivated, but it is limited by a few factors;

1. My schedule for new students fills up,

2. The cost is too high for many.

The Cram School idea is a more cost effective solution that still provides some tailored one-on-one support but at a fraction of the private training cost.

How would it work?

Membership would include your own online login where you can join classes, watch videos and past lessons, access supporting material and join a likeminded community. It is planned as a rolling monthly membership for a small monthly fee that you can cancel at any time.

There would be several different class types each month, run at different times to suit a range of time zones with students able to join as many classes as they like. Some classes would be be pre-recorded so you can learn in your own time, others interactive so you can choose to join them live or watch them later. The lesson lengths would likely be 40 minutes.

Idea topics types for lessons:

  • Memory technique lessons
  • How and where to do regular memory training
  • Setting up your own memory training program
  • Memorisation of information by example
  • Question and Answer classes
  • Sessions where students can provide suggestions for the information to be memorised

I’d like your input.

I am thinking for it to start in time for a new year’s health resolution – one of cognitive health!

Those who pre-register and join at launch will get an ongoing monthly discount.

Click here to tell me your thoughts and pre-register.




Want to get good at memorising quickly? Take a look at my step by step Master Your Memory course. If you need a bit more guidance Master Your Memory Plus includes one on one coaching.

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