Master Recall

Ready to Master your Memory?

Do you want to improve your memory and become a quick learner?

Do you feel like you have an average memory which hinders your confidence and ability to learn? Maybe your memory is ok but you want it to be exceptional.

Regardless of if you want to memorise something specific, or want a better memory generally, there is a secret that memory athletes know. Using and practicing memory techniques correctly will vastly improve your ability to quickly remember new information.

Memory coach and athlete Anastasia Woolmer founded Master Recall after transforming her own memory from average to exceptional and winning the Australian Memory Championship after just 5 months of training. A memory that once held her back was suddenly her strong point.

Her vision is to share the life changing memory techniques and training and assist others to do the same.

There are no special abilities needed to improve your memory, just the desire to be able to learn faster and some discipline to train. Don’t do rote learning any longer, its much faster and more fun to use memory techniques. 

The foundational Master Your Memory courses are in-depth, covering a wide range of areas. They are tried and tested since 2019 with 100% positive student feedback.

Current Students


Master your memory

Australian Memory Champion & Keynote Speaker

Learn to remember anything

Come away with a better memory for life. This course has four modules with over 4 hours of videos, homework, quizzes and reading to get you remembering faster.

  • Over 4 hours of lectures
  • Step by step guidance
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lifetime access

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Master your memory PLUS

Australian Memory Champion & Keynote Speaker

Learn to remember anything, plus!

Course + bonus module + personal training

Get the results you desire with Master Your Memory Plus. Includes the full foundational course plus bonus module, together with personal, tailored 1-on-1 memory coaching.

  • Full Master Your Memory course
  • Bonus module 5
  • 1-on-1 memory coaching sessions
  • Step by step guidance
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Lifetime access

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Remember faster: for work

Australian Memory Champion & Keynote Speaker

Invest in yourself for work

This course is designed to get you quickly remembering the information you need to shine at work. You will learn how to remember general facts, the names and details of people and information for meetings.

  • Remember details at work
  • Excell when you learn names quickly
  • Recall information for meetings


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How to memorize fast: poetry

Australian Memory Champion & Keynote Speaker

Learn to memorize poetry faster

By the end of this course, you will know how to quickly remember poetry using memory techniques. With a small tweak these mnemonics can also be applied to learning text and giving presentations without notes.

  • Quickly remember poetry
  • Apply this to text or presentations
  • Save time and avoid rote learning

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