Book Anastasia to speak at your event

Entertaining and engaging – the audience leaves with a lot of wow and always some wonder.

There’s so much to talk about when you have Anastasia – an Australian Memory Champion, a professional dancer, as your keynote speaker.

Speaking to small groups, or large crowds, Anastasia demonstrates her memory techniques and educates in an engaging way, showing her belief that anyone and everyone can improve their cognitive abilities and memory, you just need to know how to exercise the right muscles!

Anastasia also facilitates workshops to teach memory techniques. Designed to give usable outcomes – participants come away with an increased ability to remember and learn.

What to expect


Anastasia connects with her audience on any subject. She uses audience participation to bring her messages to the forefront, and her demonstrations of her memory ability on stage always delights the crowd.”

Some topics include:

  • How she became a memory champion
  • A demonstration of the unique way she learned 100 digits of Pi in under two minutes
  • How anyone can improve their memory, and how it is life changing – with or without a demonstration of memory
  • Five strategies you can employ so you can instantly remember more and learn faster
  • How to persevere and win through difficulty – lessons from being a professional dancer
  • The mindset of memory

They said…

Thanks for agreeing to speak with our elite sales people. Your presentation was absolutely first class. It's one thing to be inspired but to walk away with practical tools to improve memory was so valuable to our team. Many thanks.


Jason Scott – Managing Director, News Corp Qld & NT

I am writing this heartfelt thank you for being an outstanding speaker at our Pace Setters event in Uluru. The energy you brought to the program this year was magic!


Hayley Lemon – Senior Event Manager , Trade, News Corp

When looking for successful Australians to speak at the annual National Young Leaders Day we made the decision to invite Anastasia Woolmer. Her unique story and talent appealed to us, and we were very pleased that it resonated with the thousands of students in the audience. Watching Anastasia demonstrate her memory ability on stage is truly inspiring, and the way she connects this with a message that is relevant to the audience is amazing.


 Ronan McGinniss- Halogen Australia

Thank you for an amazing session, all of our team loved it! Finishing the first session we all feel confident in knowing how to remember names and we're excited to practice the methods that you've taught us ahead of our second session. And not only did we learn, the session was a lot of fun too - you're a great trainer!


Michael Fox – CEO Fable Food Co

Anastasia is a brilliant communicator, with a passion for her message, which is that the ability to remember is a skill which we can all improve dramatically, and that the benefits of having done so are transformational, in terms of quality of life and productivity at work and elsewhere.


Dr Steven Hail – Lecturer
The University of Adelaide