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In the media

Appearances on TV shows, TEDx talks and more!

In the media

National Young Leaders Day 2021, Brisbane. 

Highlights from the day, February 2021:

Halogen event held at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Keynote speaker.


TEDx 2019, Melbourne. 

I describe my memory journey and how we can all be empowered. Don’t miss the bonus memory demonstration with dance.


The House of Wellness 2019, Melbourne. 

The House of Wellness, Channel 7 Australia, April 2019:

Health show discussing memory matters. Interview, starts at 2 Mins 30 Seconds.

Australian Survivor – Q & A with Anastasia

Come and watch the Australian Survivor Facebook Live Q&A after my elimination where I answer all questions from ‘would I beat Nova Peris on Masterchef’, to ‘will you marry me?’.

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