ABC Radio Darwin

13 Sept 2021

The Feed – Miracle Memories


The Feed has caught up with two Australians living with extraordinary memory skills. They say although we live with information at our fingertips, having a good memory is as important as ever.

ABC Radio Darwin

15 Aug 2021

The Guardian – Self and Wellbeing

Article: What’s it like living with a phenomenal memory and can it be learned?
Written by Gary Nunn.


Tedx Melbourne

I describe my memory journey and how we can all. beempowered. Don’t miss the monus memory demonstration, with dance!

The making of a magnificent memory

by ABC - All In The Mind

30 May 20212

The Making of a Magnificent Memory

ABC All in the Mind by Sana Qadar and James Bullen

ABC Radio Darwin

15 Jun 2021

ABC Radio Darwin Afternoons

With Lyrella Couzens. Interview starts at 1:08:30

29 Apr 2021

Channel 9 – Today Extra

David Campbell and Belinda Russell

9 June 2021

Channel 10 Morning Show

Morning show with Sarah Harris and Tristan Macmanus

12 Jun 2021

Saturday Morning with Kate O’Toole

Interview with Anastasia starts at 41.36s

ABC news - Memory athlete Anastasia Woolmer

6 Jun 2021

Memory Palaces, Mnemonics and Music – How You Can Build a Magnificent Memory

ABC News – Health and Wellbeing

9 Jan 2020

How to Remember the Things You’ve Leaned Here

David Olney from Blind Insights 

You can improve your memory - here's how

by On Mornings with Kia Handley

18 Sept 2019

You can Improve your Memory – Here’s How

On Morning with Kia Handley 

Apr 2019

The House of Wellness

Health show discussing memory matters. Interview starts at 2mins 30 seconds.


Australian Survivor – Q&A with Anastasia

Come and watch the Australian Survivor Facebook Live Q&A after my elimination where I answer all questions from ‘would I beat Nova Peris on Masterchef, to will you marry me?’.

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