How to remember phone numbers

Practice your newly memorised number on a Telstra Payphone

March 22, 2024

If you are like many people, you probably don’t remember many phone numbers.

I mean, why do we need to anymore? In a convenient world with smartphones and the internet it can feel like there is no need to memorise anything.

However, there are good reasons. One is memory health (see this blog). Another is when our convenience fails us, like a flat battery, or a lost or broken device.

In moments like these, where you’re caught without your phone in a sticky situation, a Telstra payphone could be your much-needed lifeline. In Australia, Telstra, is our largest telecommunications provider and operates a network of over 14,000 payphones across the country. The best part, these community payphones are completely free for all national calls to both mobiles and standard landlines (plus over 3,300 of them also offer free Wi-Fi access!), so you don’t need any change or phone cards to use them.

But to use them without your mobile phone’s stored contacts…

You need to be able to remember a phone number!

This is where memory techniques can help.

I’ve teamed up with Telstra to create a simple hack to help get Aussies remembering phone numbers again. Our aim is to encourage the nation to rediscover the value of remembering important phone numbers.

You can learn the Chop, Swap and Don’t Stop memory hack on the Telstra Blog and how to video.

Want to get good at memorising quickly? Take a look at my step by step Master Your Memory course. If you need a bit more guidance Master Your Memory Plus includes one on one memory coaching.

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